Inspired by jsheeter.

In case you were wondering who number one is…

It’s Jon North…

Mother fucker…

191kg and the reason for the new bar slamming rule.

As long as Kendrick has a reasonable day, he will smoke Jon North in the total by at least 10kg.




It’s all clear to me now.

Yes you found out where the cat is, but due to eliminating the rest of the equation you don’t know its state.

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In an effort to prehab my shoulders prior to surgery I might have also developed some traps… Forgot to smile

In an effort to prehab my shoulders prior to surgery I might have also developed some traps… Forgot to smile

Anyone got any solid tips for getting to sleep when stressed? Redundancies across the board at work were announced last week and I haven’t been able to get more than 4 hours a night since Tuesday last week.

I’ve boosted my magnesium supplementation which is known to help, I’ve also started upping my vitamin d3 intake too. Anything else? I’m avoiding using my phone/computer/tv 30-60 minutes prior to sleep time an I’m going to bed early enough but I just cannot “rest” and drop off to sleep like I used to 10 days ago. Once asleep I’ll wake up at about 1am (going to bed at ~9pm) and cannot really get back to sleep properly.




I just taught Kelsey how to tip! Welcome to America!

They don’t give tips down under?

Nope! Wages are higher instead.

We might tip at a nice restaurant or if a group larger than 4 are served.

But a service employee could be getting $15-25 an hour any way and even more on Sundays (penalty rates).

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How strong is strong enough?

So I can deadlift twice my body weight. A metric in itself not that normally impressive. However in my case it is 210kg. All cf boxes I’ve been to that would be top 5 if not top 2 for all members. But I feel this came fairly easy with no programmed strength phase.

My squat isn’t that impressive though. 150kg maybe.

Metrics are subjective. Absolute value, multiples of body weight, numbers achieved with or without much training.

Used to be a serious competitive cyclist, now enjoy CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Power Lifting from now and then and perhaps some track running. Looking to improve myself, build something that resembles upper body strength, while spending more time around people - the anti cyclist....

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